Door To Door Atheists Give Mormons A Taste Of Their Own Knock-Knock Medicine


Documentary filmmaker and very Australian man John Safran was sick and tired of Mormons banging on his door. (Is this something that happens in Australia? Or is he just pissed off on behalf of all Salt Lake City residents? It is never fully explained.) Anyway, he bought himself a button down and tie, a ticket to Utah, and began his crusade as a door-to-door atheist. As you can imagine, the locals were not amused. But frankly, whom among us would be? A girl scout could knock on my door with free cookies and I’d probably still Home Alone a BB gun through the dog flap to get her the f*ck off my porch.

Door To Door Atheists Bother Mormons – Watch more Funny Videos

(via Derek Hartley)

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