Kevin Smith Vs. An Airline: Round 2


Kevin Smith is in another fight with an airline. Like the last Kevin Smith airline argument story, it’s hard to tell whose side you should be on. We need to get some people in a room to figure this out 12 Angry Men style.

Here’s a quick summary of what happened based on The Huffington Post‘s account:

1.) Kevin Smith checked in at the airport an hour before his Virgin American flight and then showed up with his wife at the gate eight minutes before departure time.

2.) The airline, claiming it was too late to seat him, refused to let him board the plane even though the plane still had it’s door open and the jetway was still attached.

3.) It turns out Kevin Smith, at the advice of Ben Affleck (okay, fine), had paid for a concierge service to escort him to the plane at the last minute to avoid the stares and gawks of the other passengers.

4.) Virgin American apologized, got him on a later flight, refunded the ticket and offered him other free tickets.

Obviously Virgin American should have let him on the plane. And obviously Kevin Smith shouldn’t hire a concierge service to escort him to the plane last minute.  So, we’ll vote on it. Who thinks everyone in this story was annoying. Guys?

Well, that solves it. Everyone was wrong.

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