Walking Dead Producer Reveals What Jenner Definitely Whispered To Grimes


After Sunday’s The Walking Dead finale on AMC, all the water cooler talk the next morning (meaning me with a cup of water shouting at random people when they walked in) was about what Dr. Jenner, the lone CDC scientist, whispered to Rick Grimes right before Grimes left the building.

Numerous (spoilery!) theories emerged online, speculating that Jenner told Rick that his wife was pregnant, or that the wife was specifically pregnant with Shane’s baby, or that the wife was a couple months pregnant and thus couldn’t be his baby, or any number of unrelated things (my colleague Mark Graham suggested he just whispered the same thing Bill Murray whispered at the end of Lost In Translation).

Today, in an interview with EW, executive producer Robert Kirkman dropped this bombshell:

Anything can happen! I don’t want to give anything away! Look, it could have been just like, “Hey, watch out for those zombies out there, dude!” But it wasn’t. It’ll probably be revealed in season two, what he said. And it’s pretty monumental.

“Hey, watch out for those zombies out there, dude!” That HAD to be it, right? And Kirkman is just covering for his slip-up by saying it wasn’t.

My theory: Jenner literally told Rick “Hey, watch out for those zombies out there,” and when Frank Darabont saw the footage, he cut the audio out and immediately fired the entire writing staff. Also, Lori is pregnant. But Jenner was much more concerned about making sure Rick watched out for those zombies. It’s good advice! He’s a zombie doctor.

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