Johnny Depp Says Angelina Loves Poop Jokes. Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us!


It takes a lot of guts for Johnny Depp to reveal Angelina Jolie’s perverse sense of humor, but to even breathe the fact that Angelina loves poop jokes? That man must have a death wish. When asked to elaborate on his comments regarding Angelina’s tendency toward twisted comedy, Johnny diplomatically stuttered, “It can go in many directions. There’s a degree of sophomoric-type of humor but it always lead up to, unfortunately, some sort of scatological interpretation.” We don’t need your three-dollar words, Depp! Poop jokes transcend language.

Johnny has talked about Angie’s case of filth mouth before, in addition to raving about the friendship he and Angelina formed while filming The Tourist. Johnny had better watch what he says or he’s never going to sip an Appletini and chat about diaper rash with Angie again. On second thought, he shouldn’t take anything apple-flavored from her for the time being. Or probably ever.

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