Tiny Mena Suvari Comically Mismatched With Much Taller Friend


Here’s the thing. I’m very tall, and though I know this is usually considered to be a positive trait, I really hate it when people comment on my height. When, at least once a day, someone says, “You’re really tall,” I can’t help but be annoyed. It’s just weird to have that super obvious statement thrown at you time and time again. There’s also no way to respond, because it’s not a compliment. It’s just a stated fact. Yes, I know. I’m tall. Isn’t that super f*cking crazy? I know my head just exploded. I don’t expect you to commiserate at all, this is just all a lead up to say that I feel slightly guilty about posting this, tall person wise, because I have frequently been comically mismatched with my shorter friends. We solve this problem by holding hands whilst walking down the street and letting people stare. I suggest Mena and her friend do the same.

This seems as good a time as any to pitch the reality show Michelle Collins and I are shopping around, entitled New York Giants. It follows two tall gals (us) as they navigate their way through the Big City and Long Hemlines. I know I speak for Michelle when I say we will do tasteful(ish) nudity.

More photos at The Daily Mail

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