Jim Morrison Posthumously Pardoned



Stranger things have happened, but Jim Morrison‘s posthumous pardon for indecent exposure ranks pretty high on our WTF list. Forty one years ago, The Doors singer was performing in Miami when he decided that he and has fans should be a lot closer. To that effect, he reportedly pulled down his pants and decided to show the audience his little Jim (or big Jim, we weren’t there). Jim was promptly carted off to jail for six months, after which he kept trying repeal the conviction—supposedly he had proof that there wasn’t any actual exposure. Unfortunately, he died two years later and never got a chance to over turn the sentence.

But since Jim left behind legions and generations of admirers, one of them decided to get Jim that pardon anyway. Three years ago, a die-hard Doors fan asked Governor Charlie Crist to reopen the case so the singer’s name could be cleared. Now, three years later (and more than 40 after the alleged exposure), Jim has his pardon. Justice for Jim! You know the Governor had to be fan for this slate to be wiped clean.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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