Kelly Osbourne Has To Get Feet Broken In Horrible-Sounding Surgery



News came today about Kelly Osbourne’s surgery, and most surprisingly, it’s not of the plastic variety. It is also horrifying. “[Doctors] have to break bones in my feet and reset them. I’ve put it off because I’ve not been ready to not walk for a month,” explained Kelly, right before we passed out due to the painfulness of that mental image.

While Kelly has had foot problems for a while, the hours of practice and punishing routines she had to perform while a Dancing with The Stars contestant in 2009 “kicked it up about ten years [and] made it worse.” While a season on DTWS may have damaged Kelly’s feet, it also helped her lose 50 lbs and tie for Jennifer Hudson for Fitness magazine’s Best Celeb Slim Down. Hot body or normal feet: it’s a choice we all have to make in life. On the plus side Kelly, probably no one will notice your broke-down feet while you’re in that wheelchair for a month. Time to invest in some statement hats! [Photo: Getty Images]

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