Miley Hits The Bong For Her Birthday



From the angelic world of Taylor Swift’s birthday bash plans, we head over the tracks to Miley Cyrus country. A few days after her 18th birthday Miley decided to do some serious bong-rips in her LA home, and her friends were on hand to “document the s— out of it” on video….and then sell it to TMZ. What are friends for? According to the source, the pipe was filled with the herb salvia, a mild hallucinogenic which is legal in most states.

That must be some primo “salvia” because Miley is knocked flat on her back after taking a hit. “I’m having a little bit of a bad trip,” she says to the camera. Oh no! You hear that, kids?! Bad trip! And no wonder, because she apparently started to hallucinate her ex boyfriend, “Is that a f–ing Liam [Hemsworth] look-alike?!” she asks about a random dude. “Am I tripping?” Talk about a bummer. But all’s well that ends well, as our Miley dissolves into the fiercest fit of giggles and gibberish we’ve ever seen. What’s the final verdict, Miley? “I wanna get more of that s—.” They grow up so fast.

[Photo: TMZ]

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