Miley Cyrus Credited For Major Sales Of Salvia



This girl’s got the golden touch: everything she’s seen with just flies off the shelves. She sells CDs, she sells merchandise, and now Miley Cyrus is responsible for the rocketing sales of salvia divinorum. What a superstar she is!

Ever since Miley’s bong-hitting video went viral, TMZ reports that dealers in L.A are having a field day. Apparently, the drug that Miley got all happy 18 with has been selling three times the normal amount, with people requesting “the stuff Miley was smoking.” ┬áThat’s some serious pulling power (no pun intended), which should make dad Billy Ray Cyrus feel a little better. Now, if only prosecuted pothead Willie Nelson was that lucky. Unfortunately, he didn’t just turn 18, doesn’t writhe around on stage, and doesn’t ┬áhave an alter ego called Hannah Montana.

[Photo: TMZ]

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