Miley Cyrus Credited For Major Sales Of Salvia



This girl’s got the golden touch: everything she’s seen with just flies off the shelves. She sells CDs, she sells merchandise, and now Miley Cyrus is responsible for the rocketing sales of salvia divinorum. What a superstar she is!

Ever since Miley’s bong-hitting video went viral, TMZ reports that dealers in L.A are having a field day. Apparently, the drug that Miley got all happy 18 with has been selling three times the normal amount, with people requesting “the stuff Miley was smoking.”  That’s some serious pulling power (no pun intended), which should make dad Billy Ray Cyrus feel a little better. Now, if only prosecuted pothead Willie Nelson was that lucky. Unfortunately, he didn’t just turn 18, doesn’t writhe around on stage, and doesn’t  have an alter ego called Hannah Montana.

[Photo: TMZ]