Nine Minute Emerson College Lady Gaga Lip Dub


Full Disclosure: I went to Emerson College and I had a really great time there.

Fuller Disclosure: Emerson College is enormously gay and theater-y. Good Christ, is it ever gay and theater-y. There was a guy who wore a feather boa and face glitter most days while demanding to be called Ginger. And then every year they had a drag contest DURING PARENTS’ WEEKEND. “Hi, Midwestern moms! Wanna see your son in fishnets?” – Emerson College.

So, now lip dub videos are all over the internet and Lady Gaga is famous. What is Emerson College going to do… not make a nine minute Lady Gaga lip dub video? UNLIKELY.

Oh, wow. That was a whole lot of that to a very extreme degree. Way to stay ahead of the whole lip dub trend, Emerson.

Now, take all of the feelings you have about this video and then imagine adding nostalgia to it. That is how I feel. It is uncomfortable. There should be a minus sign after my degree.

Thanks, Urlesque.

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