Oprah Goes Aussie With Oz’s Favorite Son



When Oprah Winfrey goes to Australia, who else can she hang out with but the most badass Aussie of them all, Russell Crowe?  This photo amuses us to no end. We’re not going to make any Orange Oprah comparisons but seeing these too looking all chummy and sailor-like in Sydney makes us go oi? This is Russell Crowe. He’s like that guy who grunts and scowls and throws massive chunks of meat on the barbecue while knocking back a sixpack. And then Oprah totally going to be, “How do you feel about sailing, Russell?” Do you get our drift? In a sane universe, these two could never be besties. But here they are, in all their we’re-so-BFF glory. They’ll have to be for two episodes of her show, and then they’ll head back to their separate corners of the EQ scale. It’s just… bizarre.

She’s also going to be hanging out with other Aussies stars during her visit, namely Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, next.  What about Hugh Jackman? He was in a movie called Australia for cryin’ out loud (with Nicole, natch). He’s going to be high-kicking in disappointment.

Note: We’re deliberately not going to mention Mel Gibson for obvious reasons.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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