ABC Family Christmas Movie Promo Makes You Want To Cancel Christmas


Mario Lopez, Melissa Joan Hart, a Christmas story about kidnapping and wrongful imprisonment… Sure, let’s see what that’s all about. Here’s a promo for ABC Family’s Holiday in Handcuffs.

First, let’s give credit where credit is due. Rather than just giving Melissa Joan Hart glasses for the whole “lady is attractive but looks terrible at first” trope, they went the Cheri Oteri SNL character route.

That’s a new and unique way of doing that. Good job, Holiday in Handcuffs.

Now, onto everything else. ABC FAMILY ruined Christmas. I get that ABC Family holiday movies aren’t for me, but normally I can at least tell who they’re for. This, however, seems to be for no one at all. You can’t just pretend kidnapping at gun point is cute. FAULTY PREMISE. Christmas is cancelled everyone. Go get your gifts back from that charity you donate gifts to.

Thanks for the tip, Ashley F.

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