Hugh Jackman Injured In Terrifying Accident On Oprah


Oh. My. God. Now we’re just feeling awful about what we said about Hugh Jackman high-kicking in our Oprah Winfrey-Russell Crowe post yesterday. The Wolverine star made a spectacular surprise appearance on O’ s set down under, sailing in on a flying fox towards front of the Sydney Opera House (as seen in the picture above). Unfortunately, something malfunctioned, and in the resulting accident, Hugh seriously injured his eye. The story is that Hugh came zooming in, but something was wrong with the mechanics, and he couldn’t slow down as he approached the landing. Ok, hold on. Imagine the earth coming up at you at high speed. Terrifying.

Hugh, fortunately, came to a sudden stop, but apparently ended up hitting a studio light with his leg which in turn chucked a fragment into his eye. We’re feeling sick at the thought of what would have happened if the apparatus didn’t stop. Hugh’s kids were in the audience and had to watch their Dad bleeding from a cut above his right eye. The actor still has his sense of humor, though. He ended up cracking, “That was so much fun until the end.” Oprah acted as his ministering angel until the paramedics arrived, wiping his head and in pure-O style (she always knows just what to do), said, “Let’s get some ice otherwise its going to swell.”

Hugh, we love you. Seriously. High-kicks and all. Feel better soon.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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