Just Another Day At The Vatican: Topless Men Do Acrobatics


This video explains, for me at least, homophobia in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church, as an entity, I’m not targeting specific Catholics, has a history of homophobia. As do many/all religions, it’s just that the Catholic Church is no exception. We all know this. But now we have a reason why: It’s because THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GAY. So, they are understandably frightened of homosexuals. They don’t know who they are and where they might be lurking. For all they know, THEY COULD BE DOING ACROBATICS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.

I don’t know if these gymnasts are gay. Nor do I care, as that does not matter. My point, I suppose, is that things that are blatantly gay-seeming to most people clearly do not register with members of the upper echelon of the Catholic Church. Or, you know, they do. Not going there. Not today. HOWEVER, it could very well be an Italian thing. Though Benedict XVI is German. Maybe it’s a European thing. We’ve all played the game, “Gay or European?” All of us. If nothing else, let’s just take this performance at face value as being flat out ridiculous, slightly uncomfortable making and containing less impressive acrobatics than one might have hoped for for a performance at The Vatican. Though it was very nice of Angelina Jolie dressed as Lara Croft to escort them out and take their jackets.


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