Usher: U Remind Me Of A Girl (Who Kicked Me In The Face)


I’ve never been to an Usher concert (so many items left on my bucket list) but apparently during the sexy ballad portion of the show he invites a fan onstage to straddle him whilst he croons at her. This could not have been Usher’s idea. Maybe when he made his pact with the Devil he did not read the fine print (always read the fine print in Devil Contracts) and in exchange for millions of dollars and fans, rock hard abs and the ability to do a standing back flip (At the 3:05 mark) he has to have a fan sit on his lap for five minutes every day for the entirety of his life. And, sometimes, that fan will kick him in the face:

What has become of me? I watched the kick to the face twice and laughed heartily each time. Could my Second Hand Embarrassment Syndrome (SHES) be waning? Maybe because I don’t think that girl should be embarrassed and maybe, just maybe, Usher deserves a tiny kick in the face from time to time. I’m not advocating Usher violence, just a tiny kick-face. Keeps him on his toes. Anyway, that girl used every second of her time up there to the fullest. Brava.

Via The Daily What

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