Britain’s Ugliest Dog Looks Remarkably Like Britain’s Ugliest People


Meet Doug, formerly named ‘Ug,’ who is a current front runner for the rusty trash crown given to Britain’s Ugliest Dog. Doug was rescued by a local waitress who saw the partially blind pup on a local animal shelter website and immediately fell in love. Which is eerily similar to my own personal love story with Javier Bardem. But I digress.

But here’s really the question: Will this baby be crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog? And does his owner have the stage mom chops to be the World’s Ugliest Dog’s owner?

The irony is, I AM POSITIVE there are British people that look exactly like this dog. And I can say this because I’m an Anglophile with a fetish for half-blinds with unhinged jaws.

The Daily Mail has the whole adorable story, but I dare anyone in the world to find a dog uglier than this whose last name isn’t Versace. (Ohh, Versace burn! It’s been a while.)