Jason Segel Wept When He Met Kermit For The First Time


If we can’t marry Jason Segel (because we’re already married to Matt Damon, OF COURSE), we hope he can be our kid’s kindergarden teacher, because it is just so sweet that Jason Segel cried when he met Kermit in the new Muppet movie. Segel revealed to Jay Leno that, while working with Amy Adams on the new film due out next Thanksgiving, “When we did our first table read, they brought the actual puppets…and they brought out Kermit, and they had to stop because I started crying hysterically…It was so beautiful!” It takes a special man to making sobbing in front of a puppet seem anything but deeply disturbing, but somehow Jason pulls it off.

However, it’s not just his personal love of Kermie and the gang that moves Segel. At the end of the day, it’s really about the children. “When they bring kids to set, something really magical happens…The kid is looking directly at the puppet. They can’t, they don’t even notice the puppeteer,” Jason explained. “Every time I see that, I think that’s why I’m doing this movie.” Based on how adorable that is, we can already tell we’re going to reach WALL-E-like levels of weeping when we see the movie next year. We just hope we don’t cry harder than we did at Up, or else that usher is going to ask us to take it outside again.

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