Rihanna’s Top 20 Most Hideous Outfits of 2010


There’s no arguing that Rihanna is drop-dead gorgeous. How many women can semi-successfully pull off Bozo the Clown red hair?! Sadly, our beloved RiRi has made more than her fair share of questionable fashion decisions in the last year. We’ve seen sculpted tulle, seizure-inducing neons paired with crazy prints, and very, very few pairs of pants. Rihanna is truly the Only Girl In The World that can rock these atrocious duds and keep her place in our hearts. We’re just hoping she resolves to refine her new-found wacky style in 2011. Check out Rihanna’s Top 20 fashion flops this year. [Photos: Getty Images, ]

20. Oh Baby, I’m A Rock Star

19. Black Mischief

18. Tulle Gone Wild

17. Public Affair

16. Nude Attitude

15. Divided Diva

14. Game Over

13. RiRi The Explorer

12. Train O’Tissue

11. Teeny Weeny Botanical Bikini

10. Mummified

9. Beauty School Dropout

8. Robo-RiRi

7. Bazooka Babe

6. Glob of Green

5. Fluorescent Frenzy

4. Circus Act

3. Cha Cha Mamasita

2. Granny Panties

1. Clownin’ Around

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