Zac Efron Who? Vanessa Hudgens Looks Fab At Her Vegas Birthday


Bad breakups for us involve eating way too much ice-cream, getting disastrous haircuts, buying more shoes than we can afford, and if it’s really bad, then all of the above. But that’s why we’re, well, us, and Vanessa Hudgens post-Zac Efron, is the bomb.

Miss Hudgens just celebrated her 22nd birthday, and lets just say she didn’t spend it sniveling under a duvet. The girl just split up with her boyfriend of 5 years, so we were totally prepared to cut her some time off from the I’m-a-celebrity-I’m-perfect train. Vanessa can now snap her fingers and sass “In yo’ face” to us, because she brought on the awesome at her happy-happies celebration in *tadah* VEGAS!  She looked super-slinky at Pure nightclub in a completely unforgiving silver dress that wrapped around her like a bandage. Besties Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Snow were right there partying with her. The Zefron wasn’t… but he’s totally going to look at the pictures and kick himself on his perfect behind.

And more props to not-so-Baby V when she was inevitably questioned about the breakup. Her pert response was, “We’re good” and a thumbs up. That calls for a round of applause and a ‘nicely done’! Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

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