TheFABLife’s Ten Biggest Hollywood Hacks Of 2010


Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fraser, Nic Cage & Boo Boo

It can happen to the best of us. One minute you’re lounging in your silken dressing robes, sipping cognac while you stare into a fire made out of $100 bills, the next minute you realize, whoops, you forgot to make those lease payments on your private island! For the past 12 years! Oh, did we mention that you’re a famous actor in this scenario?

Rather than pull a Wesley Snipes (too soon?) and settle for homemade toilet wine while serving 3-5, most actors would instead start taking any role they can get to pump their bank accounts back into shape. And we do mean any: a filthy wizard, a GCI Great Dane, even a Katherine Heigl type. So we offer for your approval the Ten Biggest Hollywood Hacks of 2010, ten actors who seemed almost certainly to have been in it for the money, tax issues or otherwise. The economy might be in the gutter, but that doesn’t mean celebrities can’t get paid millions of dollars to star in awful, awful movies. By the way, are you going to finish that toilet wine?

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