Gwyneth Paltrow Only Takes Roles Her Kids Would Be Proud Of


If Gwyneth Paltrow is in a movie, you can assume at least once person thinks it will be a great one: Gwyneth. Paltrow told PopEater “my time out of my house and away from my kids is no joke,” and that she only takes roles her children Apple and Moses would “be proud of…they’ll look back and go, ‘Wow, Mom was alright.'” Why did we match that quote with a picture of Gwyneth going commando at a Country Strong screening? Because we’re evil, evil people.

“I am not putting them to bed right now, I’m here, and that’s really hard on me. But at the same time, it’s what I do, so when I do my work, I want to be inspired.” Hey, Pepper Potts in the Iron Man movies may be named Pepper, but she’s also a strong, assertive businesswoman! And what kid wouldn’t want cinematic proof that their mom was Country Strong? Not only does Mom have an Oscar, she got it for taking her top off with William Shakespeare! Despite the cool resume, we’re guessing Apple is still going to find something to hate about Gwynnie in her teenage years—like the fact that she named her Apple, perhaps.

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