Demi Lovato Reaches Settlement With Punched Dancer


Hopefully it’ll be an even more joyous holiday for the Lovato family now that Demi Lovato settled with dancer Alex Welch, whom Lovato punched while both girls were working on the Camp Rock 2 tour. “The parties are satisfied and the dispute has been resolved amicably and completely,” said Welch’s attorney Donald Karpel, who also told Radar Online “It was confidential negotiations that ended in complete and amicable resolution. She is satisfied.” Head bruises fade, but a big fat settlement is forever!

Welch’s lawyer declined to specify the amount of the settlement, but had previously indicated that Welch was “seeking a  a settlement, an apology from Demi and a donation made to a charity of her choice.” If only Demi could have donated straight to Toys for Tots and just cut out the middleman. Lovato will be spending the holidays and New Year’s Eve in rehab, where she’s been receiving treatment since November 1. At least now there’s nothing distracting Demi from her recovery. Besides 24 hours of A Christmas Story, of course.

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