Dustin Hoffman Talks About Slutting It Up On The First Date


For some it’s called the walk of shame, for others like Dustin Hoffman, it’s better known as the stride of pride. While being interviewed with Little Focker’s co-star Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman got hyper-specific about the tawdry details of his first time with wife Lisa. “Yes we did [sleep together on the first date]. This was going to be her first movie star, her first older man, her first ex—someone who had broken up with their wife—and the first date and she did all four.” We’re sure Mrs. Hoffman is thrilled to have their secret shame splashed all over the internet, though to be fair it’s not the first time Hoffman has let his inner slut out in public.

Lisa might not have been a Rules girl when they were dating, but it turns out love was in the air either way. “She said I ruined it by calling the next day. That probably went against every romantic advice because she told me later that her grandmother always said, ‘If you give away the milk, you have to buy the cow,’ or something.” Our new hero Owen Wilson objected to the logic of that advice, pointing out, “If you have a great glass of cold milk that’s really refreshing, you’d be even more inclined not to let that cow go.” WE KNOW, right? Man, it seems like there’s a regular U.N. summit of sleeping around over at the Fockers. We might have to go see the movie after all; us sluts have to stick together!

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