Jennifer Aniston Denies Needing 20-Foot Buffer Zone From Other Humans



Every time a bell rings, a diva gets her wings: while filming the upcoming Wanderlust, Jennifer Aniston allegedly refused to mingle with the common folk. “It was an unspoken thing that you couldn’t get within 20 feet of Jennifer. She surrounded herself with a ring of buffers at all times. She traveled with them from her trailer to the set and back,” the source claimed. If this is true, it explains a lot about Aniston’s dating life. Talking to someone is hard enough in a bar. Now imagine you have to scream at them across four parking spaces. No one can throw a ring on your hand from ten paces, Jen. Think about it.

Aniston’s reps have already denied the rumor, claiming “It is 100% false. More than any other film Jennifer had an absolutely wonderful time filming Wanderlust.” Given that Aniston has busted her Pilates-toned butt for the last fifteen years to prove that she’s one of the nicest celebs around, we’re inclined to agree. Though we wouldn’t be surprised if that “anonymous source” sounded an awful lot like Chelsea Handler talking through a kazoo… [Photo: Getty Images]

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