Stephen Baldwin Suing Kevin Costner For IRL Business Fraud


Stephen Baldwin & Kevin Costner

Remember when Kevin Costner sold an oil filtering device to BP during the crisis in the Gulf, thereby redeeming the existence of Waterworld? Apparently the story is even more ridiculous then we knew—Stephen Baldwin is accusing Costner of tricking him out of his cut of the profits! Soak that in: there is a white collar fraud lawsuit between Stephen Baldwin and Kevin Costner over an oil spill disaster that actually happened. Not one in a scrapped Wolfgang Petersen film from 1995, but a real one earlier this year. Are you shuddering? We’re shuddering.

Baldwin says that he became a 10% investor in Costner’s creation last April, only to be coerced into selling his shares back by false information that The Postman had bolted from the company. They also allegedly kept news of the BP sale from him, denying him a slice of the $50 million plus they netted. Who knew these Celebrity Apprentice guys actually kept in the game after being fired by Donald? And who knew that Costner, Prince Of Scarves was such a crafty businessman himself?

[Photos: Getty Images]

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