Kelly’s Just Being Miley



If you had told us that slapping on some Barbie-pink matte lipstick, slipping into an old Beyonce wig from 2008 and making serial killer eyes would make Kelly Osbourne look like Miley Cyrus, we might not have believed you. But the proof is in the TwitPic! While on set for their movie So Undercover, Kelly was morphed into a mini-Miley. “I’m just being Miley!!!!,” tweeted Osbourne, though we’re going to have to check with Miley’s best friend Leslie to see if that is correct.

If Twitter is any indication, Osbourne and Cyrus have become fast friends while working in New Orleans on the film. Though if Kelly had really wanted to be accurate, apparently she should have worn cut-off booty shorts, a stained holey t-shirt and, let’s be real here, hold a massive bong. Wow, we have next year’s Halloween costume all planned and it’s only December. [Photo: Kelly Osbourne’s Twitter]

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