Coco Apologizes For Accidentally Stealing Jimmy Kimmel’s Rudolph Joke


It takes a strong man to admit he’s wrong, but it takes an even stronger one to admit that he might have accidentally ripped off Jimmy Kimmel. Earlier today Conan O’Brien apologized for copying Jimmy Kimmel’s Rudolph video in a web-exclusive message he posted to his TeamCoco site. While both bits involved Sarah Palin gunning down the beloved Christmas icon, Coco’s video aired this past Wednesday and Jimmy’s video premiered two weeks ago. In all honesty, Conan could do a entire word-for-word reenactment of Wayne’s World and we wouldn’t care, but it is nice of him to clear the air.

Conan’s version of Rudolph’s untimely demise has since been removed from the show’s website, but Jimmy’s Kimmel Kartoon is still viewable online. What do you think? Is this case of unintentional plagiarism, or just a really easy joke? Given that former Governor Palin did shoot a reindeer on her reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and has proudly talked about devouring delicious caribou and moose, we’re going to assume it’s the latter. More importantly, would Sarah Palin eat Rudolph if given the opportunity and/or proper ammunition? Our guess is: probably.

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