Ryan Reynolds Files For Divorce From ScarJo Two Days Before Christmas



Looks like someone wanted to give himself the gift of a single New Year’s Eve this year. Despite their recent lunch meeting and seeming amicability, Ryan Reynolds filed for divorce from Scarlett Johansson on Thursday in Los Angeles. The filing comes less than two weeks after the pair officially announced their separation, following rumors of jealousy and constant bickering. Yeah, if someone rushes to file for divorce the week before Christmas, you have to assume he or she or both of them want out of that marriage stat.

According to the filing, neither party is asking for spousal support. With Reynolds starring in the new Green Lantern and Scarlett tapped to play Black Widow in The Avengers, the last thing either of them is likely to miss is the other’s millions. Hopefully they can be civil enough to at least stuff each other’s stockings with a framed photo of themselves. Who wouldn’t want the gift of physical perfection for the holidays? [Photo: Getty Images]

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