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My my, what a year it’s been for our favorite on and offscreen lovebirds! Since the first film of the Twilight series, rumors of budding romance between Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) have fluttered the hearts of TwiHards, but not until 2010 did we get confirmation of their IRL love affair. In the last year, we’ve had a blast taking part in the virtual collective meltdowns on Twitter over each hand hold, booty scan, and behind-the-scenes kiss. We couldn’t think of a better holiday gift to our fellow Robsten aficionados than to wrap up the year in the ever-more-public romance between the handsome Brit behind Edward Cullen and the anti-Hollywood starlet behind Bella Swan. Enjoy! [Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online]


February 21st: Rob and Kristen escape the BAFTAs after party together, get caught in their getaway vehicle. Earlier in the night, Pattinson reportedly admitting they’re dating by telling The Sun that it was meant to be their first public appearance, but the crazed fans made it impossible. (PHOTOS)

March 1st: Kristen supports her funny face-makin’ “friend” Rob at the New York premiere of his film Remember Me. The two walked the red carpet separately, but supposedly left the screening as a pair. (PHOTOS)

March 21st: KStew arrives to LAX wearing Rob’s raggedy white tee. (PHOTOS)

April 11th: The flannel-lovin’ pair was spotted leaving Budapest’s local airport together, presumably en route to a top secret vacay for Kristen’s 20th birthday. (PHOTOS)


May 7th: A rep from Summit reportedly confirms to Oprah that “[Rob and Kristen] are together and are dating. One hundred percent.

May 12th: OK! breaks the news that Kristen is pregnant! Where’s that baby? (PHOTOS)

May 13th: We meticulously break down every eyef*ck as the pair not-so-successfully hides their relationship on Oprah. (PHOTOS)

May 27th: Kristen’s words are misconstrued to make it seem she thinks Rob is less than super gorg. We explain what [we think] she meant.


June 7th: Robsten slays us with mutual adoration, flirting, and even an onstage kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. We took the opportunity to gather 80 pieces of evidence proving their relationship is real. (PHOTOS)

June 24th: Rob and Kristen brave hordes of screaming fans at the Eclipse premiere – by adorably clinging to each for dear life. (PHOTOS)

June 24th: Kristen strips down to her signature (and amiable) look of a hoodie and sneakers for the Eclipse after party/cuddle session. (PHOTOS)

July 1st: Eclipse producer Wyck Godfrey spills the beans about Robsten to Time magazine.


July 7th: Kristen and Rob’s efforts to hide their relationship wear us thin, resulting in a post sponsored by Sarcasm. (PHOTOS)

July 20th: Rob essentially tells TV Week that he and Kristen can read each others minds and calls her “a wonderful girl.”

July 26th: On the set of Water For Elephants, RPattz demonstrates what his girlfriend taught him in the world of b*tchface, looks good doing it. (PHOTOS)

August 13th: Rob visits Kristen on the set of On The Road in Montreal. [Disclaimer: we know #16’s thumbnail is not of Montreal, click the link to see photos!]


August 18th: KStew loses her cool with the paparazzi as the pair leaves LAX, fueling a debate over the privacy of stars. (PHOTOS)

September 3rd: Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon promises his blood-thirsty fans that the birthing scene will be just as graphic as the book.

September 7th: A grizzly Rob Pattinson roadtrips across America to visit Kristen in New Orleans. (PHOTOS)

September 28th: Rob and Kristen have a daughter! Well, an onscreen one anyway. (PHOTO)

November 8th: A day that will go down in incredible droolage. Breaking Dawn began shooting in Brazil. (LOTS of PHOTOS)


November 15th: Rob and Kristen depart Brazil, but not before fans breach security and snap hilariously awkward photos (see #23). (PHOTOS)

November 16th: The aforementioned fan photos of Isle Esme hit the web, making “Jumping Rob” an instant meme. (PHOTO)

December 2nd: Delicious rumors circulate that the shoot for the first of three Breaking Dawn sex scenes lasted over twelve hours. Nom nom nom.

December 10th: Now attached-at-the-hip Rob and Kristen spotted looking “like a couple in love” while dining with castmates in Baton Rouge. [Thumbnail photo actually from Brazil.]

There you have it folks – theFABlife’s Robsten recap. Did we miss any of your favorite moments? What can we look forward to in 2011? Their first red carpet as a couple? An engagement? Speculate in the comments!

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