Hugh Hefner Is Engaged!


Here’s something that’ll warm you right up regardless of the blizzard outside. There’s no other way to announce this news other than throwing it out there. So here it is… Hugh Hefner is engaged! And no, he’s not marrying his trio of Playmate girlfriends en masse. He’s found the Big L (love? lust?) with just one of his lucky lovlies, Crystal Harris. His soon-to-be third wife also happens to be an ex Playmate at the tender age of 24. Hef’s 84… do the math. Just in case you’re interested, Hef’s first marriage was to Mildred Williams in 1949 and it lasted for a decade. His second trip up the aisle was to Playmate Kimberley Conrad in 1989 and they separated in 1998. Third time lucky?

This isn’t a rumor, either, although it seems like one when you first hear of it.  Hef himself announced the news on his Twitter account. It all started when Hefner tweeted, “When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory.” To which the response was… RING? What ring? What the frack’s going on? And Crystal’s reaction probably was… “Santa? Is dat chu?” To clear up all doubts, queries and WTF’s Hefner tweeted an explanation, writing, “Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring. I didn’t mean to make a mystery out of it. A very merry Christmas to all.” Merry Christmas to you, Mr Hefner. And congratulations from all of us, you baller.

Note: We’re holding off on all little blue pill jokes so far, because it’s Christmas and snowy and this time of year brings the best out of us.

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