Lady Gaga’s Top 50 Hottest Outfits Of 2010



Hmmm, last year we counted down 100 of Lady Gaga’s Hottest Outfits, but this year only 50? Can’t blame the woman for taking it down a notch after her breakout 2009, though only in the case of Gaga would we even be suggesting that averaging about one jaw-dropping outfit a week is below the norm. Still, with The Fame Monster up for multiple Grammys, two singles hitting the Top 5 and another massive world tour in her wake, you could hardly say Gaga’s been lazy. And the release of Born This Way should mean 2011 will be even busier! Revisits Gaga’s year in freaky fashion in the gallery below.

50. The Scariest Straw Hat In History

49. Madonna, Right Tackle

48. Astronomy Girl

47. Clover-Toe

46. Art Deco Ice Queen

45. You Can’t Bleach Out Trashy

44. Amadoofus Formal

43. Amadoofus Casual

42. Leopard Princess

41. Keytarrorist

40. Sexy Robot Valet

39. Lobster/Fashion Victim

38. Tinsel In Distress

37. 3-Diva

36. Ink Blot Beauty

35. Metalwork Madness

34. Coke Can Curlers

33. Pleating For Mercy

32. Black Bulky

31. Sexiest Saw Trap Ever

30. Bloody Boobs

29. White Knight

28. Purse-Snatch Protection

27. Big Coat, Small Bikini

26. Just Another Day At Shea

25. Ball Lover

24. Naughty Nun

23. Dead Ringers Diva

22. Shining Star

21. Jolly Green Gaga

20. The Loveliest Buggle

19. 100% Made Out Of Trophies

18. Cousin It

17. Jumpin’ For Jesus

16. Hair Stiffie

15. Ma’am, You’ve Got A Run In Your Stocking

14. Blue Beetle

13. Deranged Disney

12. Darkness Falls

11. Ted Nugent’s Wet Dream

10. 50’s Pin-Up Gaga

09. Lady President

08. Someone Didn’t Wax

07. Constellation Queen

06. Lady Grandma

05. Feet The Press

04. Blase Bowler

03. Edna Mode

02. Excerise Undies

01. Lady GothGoth

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