Joe Francis’s Wife Allegedly Bails A Month Into Marriage


In news that should surprise absolutely nobody, reportedly Joe Francis’s wife Christina McLarty has moved out of the home she shares with the Girls Gone Wild mogul, ostensibly after she rolled over one day and realized that she was married to Joe Francis. Though Francis’s rep denied earlier this week that the couple had split, sources reported to RadarOnline that McLarty is now living with her mother. Wow, we do not envy Christina the gauntlet of relatives, friends and random strangers lining up to tell her “I told you so.” We mean, they undoubtedly told her so. But still.

Though there hasn’t been any official statement about the break-up, Francis reportedly opened up about the couple’s problems over Christmas. “He was talking about the details of the separation openly while at the Kardashian holiday party. Christina moved out a bit after Thanksgiving,” a source claimed. The couple wed the first week of November after dating for four years, which makes their marriage approximately one month longer than we would have possibly imagined. If we had to guess, we’d assume Francis is currently drowning his sorrows in the wet t-shirts of America’s youth. Sometimes you have to bury yourself in work to get through this kind of terrible news. 

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