Marc Anthony Owes Insane Amount Of Money In Unpaid Taxes


It’s mo’ money, mo’ problems for Mr. JLo as allegedly Marc Anthony owes $3.4 Million in back taxes. Reportedly, in March 2010 New York authorities demanded Jennifer Lopez‘s husband pay the $1.8 million he owed on a property in Nassau County, New York. Just four months previously, the federal government put a $1.6 million tax lien on that same estate, which Anthony had just…not paid. Someone needs to remind crazy-rich people that even though they don’t have to raise their own kids or pick up after their own dogs, someone still needs to file their taxes. Did Wesley Snipes teach America nothing?

While neither Anthony nor his lawyer have commented on the reports, the singer had a similar problem with the feds in 2007, eventually paying $2.5 million after failing to properly pay up for four years. At the time Anthony blamed his management, and his financial advisers eventually pleaded guilty to a number of tax-related felonies. As staggering a number as $3.4 million might seem to us, we’re sure JLo can just root around between the cushions of their many white leather couches and find enough in loose change. Or she can hire someone to do it for her, since a diva does not “root”.

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