Cell Phone Companies Listen To Everyone Ever, Decide To Standardize Phone Chargers


So far 2011 is looking great! You know how nobody in the world has not had the idea to make it so all phones can use the same type of charger charger? Well, over the next year, most mobile device companies will finally start producing their phones so that they can all use the same type of charger. From hothardware.com:

14 of the most prominent mobile phone manufacturers agreed to use a single standard. Although the agreement was made, there’s still a lot of background work to be done before consumers enjoy the full benefits of this agreement. Recently, the European Commission sent out details for the standard in preparation for the switch.

The technical specifications for the connection are based on the microUSB connector that many mobile phone manufacturers are already using.  You’ll find many of your favorite phone brands among the list of manufacturers that have agreed to adopt the standard, including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and Research in Motion.

It’s so satisfying when a thing that should obviously get done finally gets done. Next up: jars of salsa that are wide and shallow so you can use the jar as a bowl without getting salsa all over your knuckles.

And while we’re on the subject of obvious inventions, can we come up with something better than toilet paper? If you got sh*t on your coffee table, would you just scrape it off with a piece of paper and then go get a soda? No. Then, how is it possible that it’s 2011 and we’re still happy doing that with OUR BODIES?! This should actually take precedence over the cell phone charger thing. Get to work, science.

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