Dancer Faceplants Epically On Paula’s Live To Dance Premiere


Imagine it. It’s your time to shine. You’ve been practicing your routine for weeks and watching Black Swan (just the ballet parts!) on repeat. You’re ready to not only dance for the biggest audience of your life, but to also meet your idol: one Ms. Paula Abdul. You step out from behind the curtain to thunderous applause. Next thing you know, your skull is thudding against the stage like a watermelon slipping from a fat man’s hands. What else could you have expected except hitting the floor in a complete face plant on Paula Abdul’s Live To Dance, premiering Tuesday night?

You handle your humiliation well, or at least don’t burst into tears. “I think I slammed my head,” you say because, well, you slammed your head incredibly hard. While you put your hand over the gigantic gruesome welt on your forehead, Paula seems remarkably kind and lucid, though that could just be the editing. And as host Andrew Gunsberg hurries you off to see a medic/sign one million waivers saying you won’t sue their pants off, you can be proud knowing that most people in your situation wouldn’t have the courage to get back up and finish. Most people would also probably be knocked unconscious, but still. Well done.

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