Nicki Minaj’s Busy New Years Eve With Drake


Nicki Minaj had a pretty eventful NYE. She was performing Moment 4 Life when the clock struck midnight, and was shaking it so hard on stage, that Nicki’s dress split open. Not that it bothered her one bit because the New Year spirit(s) was running high. She carried on performing, as a witness reported, “holding her dress together with one hand, with a glass of Belvedere in the other.”  And she carried on singing while her stylist stitched up the dress! That wasn’t even the craziest part of the night—clever Nicki had the club’s DJ turn the clock back six minutes because she was running late for the party! The deal was that she was supposed to be on during the countdown, which wasn’t going to happen because of her tardiness. Not that anyone noticed at Mansion, but they all rang in 2011 six minutes after everyone else on the continent. Nicki’s New Year resolution should be making it to her own events on time!

A split dress and a near-disaster did nothing to dampen her mood, possibly because of her companion for the big night. Even though he had his own hosting duties at a separate party, Drake booked it to see Nicki and they apparently canoodled till 4 in the morning. A source reveals, “Right after the clock struck midnight, Drake left his party at the W South Beach and dashed over to Nicki’s Moët & Chandon-sponsored bash at Mansion. [They] were dancing and cuddling all night.” Looks like Drake has a thing for cray-cray fashion-singer types.

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