Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal Split; Taylor’s Next Album Get Its First Song


If today the sun seemed a little bit less sunny and fewer woodland animals seemed to frolic together in the woods, it was probably because they just found out about the Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal break up. “They’re over. It ended last month,” a source reported to People. It did seem a little suspicious that Taylor would spend her New Year’s Eve in Nashville while Gyllenhaal partied in New York. How could they hold hands and give each other little butterfly kisses if they’re not even in the same state? You can’t go apple-picking over Skype, you guys!

While Swift and Gyllenhaal spent Thanksgiving snuggling and drawing turkeys by tracing their hands (we’re imagining that’s something they’d do), the last time the couple had been spotted out on the town together was December 9. So what do you think the song about him Taylor is currently writing will be titled? “Dear Jake?”? “Why’d I Gyllen-fall For You”? “I Blame That Accursed Anne Hathaway“?

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