Cool Dog: How Did We Miss This Amazing 1991 Movie In 2010?


I don’t know how this movie just got made last year, and furthermore, I don’t know how we didn’t all know about it. This movie is so 1991 it makes your tears hypercolored.

This trailer will actually seem pretty normal for about a minute and then you will all yell in unison, “Ha, a gas pedal!”

First of all, let’s all acknowledge for a second the trailer editing brilliance that is this moment:

Boy: He’s the best dog in the whole world.

Lady Who Hangs Out With Clipboard Guy: DOGS?!?!

Second of all, that dog would absolutely nail backpacking in Europe. And third of all, f*ck that little boy. I’m not saying that 10 year old boys are apt to travel across the united states by themselves. But, a ten year old is still much more capable of accomplishing that feat than is a dog. It’s completely unfair that the dog had to take the initiative in this case. As far as I can tell, the boy didn’t put forth any effort into getting his dog back past showing a picture to a lady who hangs out with a clipboard guy. That dog should have just found some other boy, preferably one whose friendship didn’t require the ability to steal automobiles.

Thanks, @leighhurwitz and @AshFrieds

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