Grace Potter Is Psyched About Tonight’s Return Of Jersey Shore


I have been looking forward to tonight’s season three debut of Jersey Shore with equal parts delight and dread. Delight, of course, because the first season where we got to know the Macaroni Rascals was far and away one of the best single seasons in the history of reality television. Dread because, well, the whole Miami experience was fairly deflating after Ron Ron (aka Captain Smush) stopped doing an 8-ball each night at the clubs (allegedly). But you know who couldn’t be more fired up about the gang going back to Sleazeside Heights tonight? Grace Potter, that’s who!

The gammy guitar hero stopped by our Video Hits One offices here in Times Square a few days ago and, as things like this tend to go, conversation just so happened to wander into Jersey Shore territory. It turns out that the show is a staple for Grace and the rest of her You Oughta Know band, The Nocturnals, whenever they’re on the road and in their tour bus. Frankly, that sounds a helluva lot better to us than a tired ole sing-along to “Tiny Dancer”!

See you here tomorrow morning with another EXCITING installment of our Jersey Shore Top Ten Catchphrase Countdown!

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