Lindsay Lohan Says She’ll Build A Fence Between Her And Sam


This would be a great plot for a wacky romantic comedy, but as a post-rehab game plan? Not so hot. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly telling friends that she’ll gladly build a fence between ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson‘s Venice, CA home and the one she bought oh-so-coincidentally next door. “It will give both of them some space and privacy,” says Radar‘s source, “and it will ensure neither of them can see or spy on each other!” Um, couldn’t Lindsay just move out?

This fence idea would be ludicrous even if we hadn’t seen photos of the adjacent homes, but come on. There’s already plenty of greenery between the multi-floor apartments—is Lindsay really going to put a multi-story Great Wall of Rohan up to keep herself flashing Sam American Beauty style? And what about the rooftop patios? One bad night and we could totally imagine Lindsay trying to leap over. Then again, with Lindsay already getting a parking ticket since her New Years’ bolt from rehab, LiLo may wind up surrounded by fences either way.

[Photos: Splash News Online/]

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