Which Ted Williams Mugshot Look Do You Like Best?


This week, the internet has once again outdone itself. No, not by bringing free pornography to thousands of curious underaged boys. This time, by helping a former junkie named Ted Williams re-achieve his dream of becoming a radio broadcaster. Ted appeared on various feel-good morning shows and was offered a job doing voiceovers for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the truth about Ted Williams’ spotty past is slowly leaking out, including his admitted trouble with drug abuse and crime. And with that comes a pantsload of mug shots. Here are some of our favorite looks!

The “Doctor Will See You Now”:

In what capacity was Ted Williams admitted wearing a surgeons costume? Camman. Do you really want to know?

The “Sexual Chocolate”:

Give yourselves a round of applause. You’re so lovely. Everyone’s so lovely. And, um… While you’re in the clapping mood…

The “UC: Berkeley Professor”:

I would not even be surprised if Berkeley had a lecture called “The History of Crack.”

The “School Lunch Lady”:

With a little less facial hair.

The “Barack Obama”:

Do not donate this resemblance to the homeless. It’s uncanny.

Which Ted Williams look do you like best??? We’re still really feeling his medical garb #1 face. Thankfully, it looks like he can get a new start. Congrats, Ted!! The world is listening.

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