DA: Conrad Murray Waited 25 Minutes To Call 911 For Michael Jackson


Conrad Murray

Los Angeles DAs are establishing a timeline for the death of Michael Jackson in a preliminary hearing for Conrad Murray‘s manslaughter trial, with brutal testimony from witnesses claiming the doctor basically did everything but try to revive the King Of Pop, allegedly waiting 25 minutes to call 911. Here are some of the damning details:

  • Though Murray’s girlfriend said she received a call from Murray at 12:30pm, phone records revealed he actually called her at 11:51am. She admitted he disappeared the call a few minutes in (due to the discovery of Jackson’s state), but 911 wasn’t called until 12:21pm—a 25 minute gap.
  • Murray texted Jackson’s assistant “Where are you? Get here right away, hurry,” minutes before calling 911.
  • An EMT said Murray claimed he could still feel a slight pulse upon their arrival.
  • Murray told two EMTs he had never given drugs to the singer, and failed to mention the Jackson’s use of Propofol, merely claiming Jackson had been “dehydrated.”

  • Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez claims Murray made him hide bottles from MJ’s room in a closet before calling 911, though he did not make these claims to police when initially asked.
  • After MJ was declared Murray asked the singer’s assistant Michael Amir Williams to help him get back to the house to hide some embarrassing “cream” of Jackson’s.
  • A bodyguard says Murray told him he was leaving the hospital to eat, even though it was pointed out he could go to the hospital’s cafeteria.

Sure sounds like Murray was hiding something that day. But even if he was, is he still responsible for Jackson’s death? Anna Nicole Smith‘s boyfriend and doctor may have gotten off for supplying her prescription drugs, but if it’s decided that Murray either administered the Propofol himself or acted negligently when Jackson’s body was found, he might not be so lucky. And Murray’s “soda defense” probably won’t cut it either.

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