Dr. Drew Continues To Provoke, Basically Calls Snooki An Alcoholic And A Freak


Dr. Drew Pinsky has never been shy about sharing his opinion, but lately he’s been calling out celebrities for their behavior and it can be scathing at times. Recently he predicted that Brangelina‘s relationship would end in a “nuclear eruption” and today Pinsky is targeting Snooki and the people who love her.

The good doctor, who’s publicizing his new show called Dr. Drew Pinsky, takes a dig at the Jersey Shore star, saying “Forget her behavior. She’s no different from any other alcoholic. Let’s talk about why we watch it.” While we don’t condone drinking to excess or waking up in garbage cans, as Snooki claims to do regularly, we don’t know if great to publicly call out someone you consider to be an alcoholic. To his point about why we watch, well, it’s the best of everything. A train wreck meets high comedy. Soft core porn meets your worst nightmare. It’s got something for everyone, really.

Dr. Drew followed up with another biting remark about Snooki, saying “I’ve said this before — we’ve gone from fascination with physical freaks to fascination with behavioral freaks.” Again, not the most constructive thing to say about someone if you truly believe they need help, and we’re inclined  to think he’s overstepping his bounds with his blunt critiques.  But then again, it’s certainly a great way to publicize your new show.

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