Ex’s Girlfriend Wants To Slap JLo With A Restraining Order


If this isn’t the ultimate “Don’t Date Him, Girl” story, we don’t know what is. Apparently the girlfriend of JLo’s ex-husband Ojani Noa Claudia Vasquez is seeking a restraining order against Jennifer Lopez. Vasquez is reportedly filing for the order today to facilitate a planned television project about the America Idol judge. If granted the restraining order, Vasquez can lobby to have it made permanent, a move that could potentially hinder JLo’s ability to stop production from continuing. Given that Vasquez and Ojani have attempted to make public video of Lopez flashing strangers on a scooter, something tells us that JLo would sooner destroy television as we know it than let these two use her image in anything. So enjoy those episode of Modern Family while you can!

In the meantime Vasquez is also suing Lopez for $10 million for stopping production of a movie which, surprise!, also has Jennifer Lopez (and possibly her lady business) as it’s subject matter. “If Jennifer Lopez loses, it will be catastrophic for her, and will also completely disprove J.Lo’s case against Ojani and I,” said Ojani’s manager Ed Meyer, also at the receiving end of Lopez’s attempts to stop production of the film. Um, we’ve never been to law school, but we’re pretty sure there’s a case to be made against your ex’s girlfriend releasing video of your hoo-ha. Right? If not, we have to meet with our attorney immediately.

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