Lily Allen, Elizabeth Hurley Busted For Twitter Shout-Outs


We get spoiled with famous people like Kanye West who seem to have Twitter connected directly to their brains. Turns out some British celebs have tweets sent directly from their wallets. Authorities are now targeting stars like Lily Allen and Elizabeth Hurley for using Twitter to advertise products without their fans knowing about it. The Office of Fair Trading in the U.K. are calling these pay-for-tweet partnerships “deceptive” to the celebs’ many followers. So, what’s the likelihood Courtney Love has just been selling extra-strength crazy pills this whole time?

Apparently current consumer protection laws require spokespeople to identify which of their tweets are product-placement versus those that are personal. “People shouldn’t be misled. If someone has been paid to advertise a product they should declare it. It’s not specific to celebrities,” the OFT explains. Violating the law can mean a hefty fine. Hurley tweeted just last week about products by Estee Lauder, for which she is a long-time spokeperson. “If your skin is dry from too much central heating, try Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist serum. Just used for first time & it’s divine,” the actress wrote, while Allen has given shout-outs to Grey Goose vodka. We can believe how devious this is! We’re going to unfollow all celebrities just as soon as we finish putting on this moisturizer and drinking this martini. Wait a minute…

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