The Kardashians Are Being Sued Over Their Kredit Kard


The “teen credit card” that the Kardashian sisters lent their name to back in November—and then distanced themselves from—has become quite the headache for the family. The Kardashian Pre-Paid MasterCard was touted as a way for teens to learn fiscal responsibility, but in reality, it was so loaded down with hidden fees that the real lesson for America’s youth would be one about digging yourself out of debt. The Kardashian sisters and their mother Kris are being sued by the licensing company Revenue Resource Group for $75 million for breach of contract since they abruptly pulled out of the deal.

While we’re often hard on the Kardashians for lending their name to just about anything, we thought they showed some decency by taking their name off the credit card. A statement from the licensing company’s attorney, however, argues they “spent a great deal of time and effort securing the rights to use the Kardashian card” and that they have the “right to market the pre-paid debit card.” They even claim that the K sisters have “effectively put this company out of business.” Well, considering they’re a company that wants to financially screw over people in an already fragile economy, we don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

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