14 Movies From 2010 You Already Forgot Existed


1. Repo Men

Starring Jude Law as Eminem.

2. The Greatest

They’re actually making airplanes out of this movie.

3. The Spy Next Door

We had some giant red letters leftover from the Rock pitch, so we just whipped ‘em at Jackie Chan. Print!

4. Stolen

“Are we in this movie, Hamm?”

5. Brooklyn’s Finest

Sorry Snipes, even when you’re the “And” credit your salary’s going straight to the government.

6. The Joneses

This may just be the oddly-translated poster for the Slavic television premiere of Californication.

7. Our Family Wedding

Carlos Mencia is my Best Man of comedy.

8. Mother And Child

You know, one of them “lotsa boxes” movies.

9. Legendary

“I’m gettin’ too old to remember making this sh*t.”

10. Daybreakers

A lesson in catchy-ass taglines.

11. Creation

Jennifer Connelly’s really Photoshopped to sh*t on the left there.

12. After.Life

Far inferior to the films Elbo.ws and TheDailyWh.at.

13. Case 39

“Don’t open Case 39, Rene Zellweger!!!” is what I’d yell while watching this.

14. Unthinkable

Nice try, highlighted “THINK”, but this won’t even be Samuel L’s most memorable “Un_able” film. I prefer him in “Unshaftable”.

[Thanks to Pete Schultz for additional forgettable-movie remembering. Also, some of the films above were technically made in 2009, but all received their ‘major’ release in 2010, in case you were gonna point that out, you good user of time.]

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