Charlie Sheen’s Hitting The Bottle Again, With New Porn Stars


What a wonderful thing it would be to not have a shameless bone in your body. He probably thinks he’s quite a rockstar, this Charlie Sheen character, who trashes hotel rooms and gets it on with porn stars and hookers. He’s got a new party posse now—a trio of porn stars who he’s living it up with in Las Vegas. 23 years old porn princess Bree Olson is one of Charlie’s girls, and considered to be his main squeeze-of the-moment.

The question is…has everyone lost track of his crazy rehab-no rehab-maybe rehab rigmarole? We have. Having said that, this little escapade probably wasn’t the best idea. TMZ reports of photos of Charlie knocking back shots at the Palms Hotel in Vegas. He was apparently slamming Grey Goose shots repeatedly along with a lady friend (probably one of his trashy triad) and bitching about how the big guys at Two and a Half Men want him in rehab. Because, he clearly doesn’t have a problem right? 2010 and the years before have totally proved just how responsible and sober Charlie is.

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