James Cameron Blasts RiRi’s Battleship



For a man who personally wrote and directed a blue alien version of Pocahontas, James Cameron rips into Battleship awfully hard. “We have a story crisis. Now they want to make the Battleship game into a film. This is pure desperation,” Cameron complained to German news site Spiegel. Rihanna is signed onto Battleship as her first acting gig, playing the role of Reikes alongside Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Decker. Don’t worry, James, there are still plenty of board games left to turn into hastily-written, mediocre family comedies. Oh wait, you meant good stories. Yeah, we’re screwed.

Following in the footsteps of McG’s Ouija Board movie, we don’t blame the Titantic director for thinking studio execs are just raiding their kid’s playroom for inspiration. “Everyone in Hollywood knows how important it is that a film is a brand before it hit theaters. If a brand has been around, Harry Potter for example, or Spider-Man, you are light years ahead. And there lies the problem. Because unfortunately these franchises are become more ridiculous. Battleship. This degrades the cinema,” Cameron ranted. We have to agree with James on this one, unless the movie ends the way an actual game of Battleship always ends: with your little brother flipping over the board while throwing a tantrum, and everyone deciding to watch TV instead.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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