Vampire Weekend And The Black Keys Hold A Sellout-Off For Colbert’s Grammy Vote


Posting a Colbert segment in its entirety is basically the my-job equivalent of, like, a plumber doing… I don’t know, what’s something lazy a plumber does? Plumbing a pipe like, really lazily. If they were like “Yeeeahhh, I’m a-plumbin’ heahhh” but they don’t do much but the pipe’s great so we’re all fine with it.

That was an inane paragraph. Here’s a really enjoyable video of Colbert pondering his 2011 Grammy ballot, welcoming members of Vampire Weekend and The Black Keys on to make their sellouttiest cases for his Best Alternative Album vote. And frankly, I think all our minds needed some closure on that “Holiday” Honda commercial. I’m not sure it’s this, but it’s a start:

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[FYI – Sorry for that vid being all over on the left and messing up our homepage’s feng shui, but those Comedy Central embeds don’t center. Isn’t that annoying? This person knows what I’m talking about! Oh – hi Michelle.]

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